Health & Safety is a condition of employment with our company and shall not be sacrificed for the sake of expediency.
We aspire to provide utmost safe working environment and achieve the following objectives.

  • Prevent workplace accidents and disease.
  • Protect employees from safety and health hazards which may arise out of their work by providing safe workplaces, plant and systems of work.
  • Establish and maintain best practice programs to meet the policy.

It is our belief that all incidents can be prevented and every effort shall be made to:

  • Identify hazards;
  • Tell others about them;
  • Control or reduce the risk of those hazards.

Safety is a shared responsibility by all employees and shall be an integral component of work activities – together we can create a positive safety culture and ensure a safe workplace.


At RK Drilling, we believe that we can best nurture professional growth of our employees by continuously adding to their qualifications and gradually expanding their responsibilities. We want our employees to be ambitious. We want you to take ownership of their career – and we are committed to supporting them while you pursue new accomplishments and strive for higher professional goals.

RK drilling has combined relevant training courses with hands-on work experience for its employees to direct them on the route of personal development.

We provide learning and development opportunities on the job, and we expect our employees to both deliver and receive supervision and sparring.