RK drilling provides foundation drilling services including large diameter drilled shafts for a large array of transmission line construction projects. We also provide a full range of foundation drilling services for a variety of industries including:

    • Industrial
    • Petrochemical
    • Electric Utility
    • Transmission
    • Substation
    • Cell and Radio Towers


  • Drilled shaft up to 20’’ in diameter in Hard Rock.
  • Vibratory caissons up to 9 ft in diameter.
  • Driven caissons, piles (timber, concrete, and sheet)
  • Low clearance/Limited access
  • Sensitive Environments
  • Marsh or water (amphibious requirements)
  • Cased and slurry holes

Grouting Services

RK drilling possesses a wide range of specialized grouting services using grouting plant that is able to operate at a range of pressures up to 1000 psi, and, are proven with a variety of specialist cementitious grout mix designs, including sand: cement, cement: bentonite and plasticisers. Water reducing agents and plasticisers are regularly used within our day-to-day grouting operations to improve workability and reduce bleed.


  • Decant Line Abandonment.
  • Prevent Subsidence (Tailings).
  • Groundwater Control.
  • Soil Stabilization.
  • Plugging Old Mine Workings / Sinkholes.
  • Bolt & Anchor Grouting.
  • Exploration Core Grout Plugs.
  • Infrastructure, Bridges, and Foundations Grouting.

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Other Services

Core Drilling

Core Drilling

RK drilling is engaged in rendering high quality of Core Drilling Services. These are used in various drilling applications. Owing to their systematic execution, these services are highly demanded in the market and are executed by using modern technology and equipment and in user-defined specifications.
Water Well Drilling

Water Well Drilling

With over 45 years of experience drilling in Madhya Pradesh and surrounding states, RK Drilling can handle any size project from Consumer water wells, to Agricultural wells to Industrial/Commercial wells. RK Drilling serves industries with dewatering wells, surface casing presets, monitoring wells, and deep production wells.
Mines Drilling

Mines Drilling

RK Drilling specializes in Drilling Operations for the Prospecting and Exploration of Mining Reserves. RK drilling offers professional and reliable services using its expertise in drill and blast, crushing, screening and civil earthworks, delivering quality projects safely, on time and within highest standards of health and safety.
Shaft Well

Shaft Well

RK drilling provides a wide range of comprehensive solutions beyond core drilling, water well & mine drilling, foundation drilling and grouting services. One of them is shaft well drilling. Shaft wells are large dia boreholes i.e 400-500 mm (16-20”) drilled in hard rock formations by DTH method.